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The Stedman and Harris families were keen photographers and between them have amassed some 30,000 photos since 1850. No negatives exist before 1900 and one or two are very early forms of photography. Since 1900 many of the original negatives have survived but in the interests of time (and sanity) whole album pages were scanned for this digital collection. The quality is not as high as the original negatives but high resolution images can be made if required. No Stedman photos exist before about 1899 for reasons which are not entirely clear. One possibility is that they were lost in a house clearance and another is that photography and self images were not permitted by Sarah Stedman.

Links on the page start a proprietary slide viewer programme to view that set of pictures. Unfortunately the software does not allow you to download any pictures. Even if it did, the pictures would be low resolution so it would be better to email me and ask for a full resolution version.

Nick Stedman 1st June 2019